It's the eclecticism.

Welcome to Wild Holly Gallery, a spot to explore when you visit Carefree, Arizona. It’s a sprawling art gallery located right in the heart of downtown that features American artists of all styles and mediums. The steel kinetic wind sculpture draws you inside and then the question becomes, “Where do I start?” You’ll be overwhelmed by the gallery’s colors, textures and energy.

What makes Wild Holly Gallery different among Carefree galleries? It’s the eclecticism. You won’t see this stunning array of art anywhere else in the Phoenix area. It has over 95 featured artists who come from all over the country. Styles range from traditional to ultra-modern with everything in between.

The highly multifaceted collection includes paintings, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, copper, glass, and more. Its most talked about pieces are its fountains. Wild Holly Gallery began as a shop that sold fountains and garden art, and it has stayed close to its roots.

The lively almost 5,000 square feet and 2 floors of the gallery are bursting with energy. It’s a great place to stop for the afternoon when you’re strolling the streets of Carefree. It’s also an excellent place for adding to your own collection or bringing back a piece from your Arizona trip.

Carefree, Arizona, is just north of Phoenix in the foothills of the mountains. It’s a scenic town set amid the high Sonoran desert with a background of mountain vistas and sweeping desert views. It boasts its own unique flora and fauna which is showcased at the new Desert Gardens. Wild Holly Gallery is located right on Easy Street, Carefree’s main drag, in the historic Bradbury Building at the corner of Ho Hum Way.

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