All-American Art


ild Holly Gallery looks for unique mediums and eclectic works of art to showcase. That’s why it’s been voted the most eclectic art gallery in the valley. Here is just a taste of what you’ll find when you walk through its doors.

Water Features

Among the gallery’s most impressive pieces are its water features. It showcases the work of five artists who make their pieces by hand in copper, stone, and glass. They include free-standing copper pieces and works that are reverse painted on glass. Artists in this medium include Johnny Manuel and Marlys DeStefano. Read More


You’ll find lots of variety in Wild Holly’s collection of paintings. They include everything from realism to abstract; and Western to contemporary. All bases are covered. The gallery features many works in acrylic, but you’ll also find oil paintings, watercolors, and works in pen and pencil. Some of the gallery’s featured painters include Andy Baird and Paul Henry. Read More


Wild Holly has sculpture in glass, bronze, wood, ceramic, and more. There are structural as well as architectural and free-standing pieces. Nearly half are bronzes and the gallery is proud to showcase the work of two internationally renowned Western artists, Art Norby and Vincent Russo. Another notable bronze artist featured at the gallery is Maria Trepani.

One of the gallery’s most renowned copper artists is Henry Kelly, who creates unique free-standing sculptures as well as wall hangings. It also has works by internationally known glass artist Debra Wayne and pieces by both Misty and Heather Soderberg, the daughters of sculptor Jim Soderberg. Read More


The gallery features two of the area’s most renowned potters, Bruce Fairman, an alchemist who has been mixing his own unique glaze for forty years, and William Crutchfield, who’s known for his signature silver and copper luster finish.

Other unique pottery you’ll see at the gallery include the whimsical ceramic animals created by Northern Arizona artist Janie Anderson, who makes her animals from coil pottery, a technique of stacking snake-like coils of clay and then hand sculpting forms out of them.

Lucy Pierce is a potter who works in ceramic pulp, a mixture of wood pulp and clay. She makes gorgeous angels that are truly unforgettable. Read More


At the gallery you’ll find 19 jewelry artists whose works range in price from twenty dollars to thousands. Notable jewelry artists include Jeanie and Frank Casanova, who produce jewelry for the red carpet, and Andrea. Read More

Garden Art

Wild Holly Gallery started out with garden art and it has never forgotten its roots. Pieces include wind sculptures, garden stakes, totems, and many other types of art for your garden. One renowned artist in this medium is Kevin Sybrowsky. Read More

Furniture and Household Decor

The gallery also showcases works of art that can actually be used in the home. These include furniture items and wood and glass lamps. The gallery features handmade metal furniture by Lucy Schwab and structured wood tables by Ron Gill. Read More