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Esther Rogoway has lived and studied in a variety of geographic environments that many artists would find exciting, inspirational and in some instances even mystical. These locales have become a part of her spirit, but it is from her inner soul that Esther creates her works of art that can be said possess a surreal mystique. It is her intent to draw us deep into our own subconscious world of feeling when we view her creations. Her images present us with a swirl of color and form, offering the viewer an abstraction of reality that reminds one of being in a dream scape where everything is somewhat familiar, yet ebbs and slows with a rhythm of its own.

Esther Rogoway

Esther Rogoway Artist

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Her figures, primarily those of horses and people are easily recognizable, but the nature of each composition speaks more of an inner world of feeling and imagination rather than to the outer world of reality. Although you can identify the subjects, they appear to only partly be there, each painting tells a story, but the actual interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. Her bold use of color is pure and there is an elegant balance between opposites, or in some cases, the painting exhibits more of subtle blending of compatible colors. All of Esther’s works exhibits masterful design and use of color. Esther has recently received The Sedona Art Festivals, first place in two dimensional painting and The Peoples Choice Award in Tubac. Esther is the daughter of noted artist Alfred Rogoway, therefore she naturally grew up around artists, writers and poets. She also had the advantage of spending her formative years in San Francisco, Big Sur, Sant Fe Taos, Mexico, Canne and Mijas, Spain, all being communities where artistry was an integral part of life its self. What better background to draw from if one is to become and artist? The years spent living in Europe were put to good use in developing her own artistic talents. Esther first studied at the Tunbridge Wells School of Art in England and later at the Art Institute of Barcelona, Spain. Esther takes her love of horses from her own little heard. Two Rocky Mountains and one Foxtroter. She is also associated with Equine Voices, a horse rescue and sanctuary located in Green Valley az. She has fostered several wonderful horses and donates art to Equine Voices for their fund-raisers.