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Les Powers

the artist

Les has been working with wood his whole life and has found that sculpture gives him the freedom to convey his passion in creating art. Sculpting allows his spirit to be free and express the essence he sees in nature. Les combines different materials that bend well together to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Much of his inspiration comes from the desert southwest where many spirits have traveled before. He feels their message as he experiences the high deserts magnificence which is then transferred into his art through his hands.

Les Powers Art - Thunderbird

les powers

Les Powers Artist - Working

Artist Bio

As he blends the different materials together, to flow as one, he is in hopes it moves the viewer with a meaningful response and awakens the spirit. Each piece is a chance to take a journey with him and find something inside oneself that has been stored away for too long. Once the viewer feels the essence the circle is complete – the artist, the sculpture, and the viewer.

Join him on a journey of life with spirit.

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