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Paul Henry

the artist

Paul Henry begin his career as an illustrator in NYC. He studied commercial illustration and fine art at du Cret School of Art. Following that he apprenticed during the 80’s under Michael Dudash in his Waitsfeild, Vermont studio. After spending 20 years as an illustrator in New York, working on fascinating projects, such as, movie posters, books, magazines, advertisements. The recipient of the Society of Illustrators 26th Annual National Exhibit Award. He also was honored with the Creativity Award from Art Direction Magazine, also awards from the Art Directors Club in NYC., it was time to explore the possibilities a career in fine art had to offer.

Paul Henry Artist - Painting


Paul Henry - Artist at Wild Holly Gallery

Artist Bio

Paul began his southwestern painting while working in NYC as a illustrator. His first show was at Buffalo Chip in SOHO. This was his inspiration to a full-time career in fine art. Paul decided to head west, he chose New River, A.Z. and built his home and studio in the secluded hills of the Sonoran Desert. Which inspires his color pallet and strong images. Many are drawn to the power and motion of the images. Paul has mastered a style. Some compare it to Jackson Pollack and Monet. He prefers to be compared to Paul Henry.

Many of Paul’s paintings and sketches are in private collections nationwide. He has been represented in the past by Henry Chastain Gallery, Roberts Gallery, Raven Dancer Gallery, Leona King Gallery, Norby Gallery. Presently he is represented by Holly Pagliaro-Bergman at Wild Holly Gallery, located in Carefree, Arizona.