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Russell Marohnic

the artist

Russell Marohnic and his sculpture studio “ARTSCAPES”, creates the most sophisticated, contemporary art pieces.  A well respected and recognized artist in the southwest, particularly Arizona, Russell is motivated by his passion, creative visions and a profound dedication to create sculptures that draw the viewer into interpretation and interaction. Russell’s works are strong in interpretation, featuring quarried stone, metals and more.  Preserving the hand selected 40 million year old stone and turning it into works of art to be appreciated, is an art of love and a passion for Russell.

Russell’s distinct installations are found in public venues, corporate headquarters – both interior and exterior people-friendly places, as well as residential spaces and fine collections.  He provides all his works with an unsurpassed attention to detail to create contemporary sculptures that embody the highest standards of design, engineering and craftsmanship.  His larger works capitalize on his decades of experience, his commercial design and construction background. His knowledgeable ease of interpreting individual dreams, makes the full creative and turnkey process efficient and accountable.

Russell Marohnic Art - Desert Fauna View

Russell Marohnic

Russell Marohnic Artist - Featured at Wild Holly Gallery

Artist Bio

Since his relocation to Arizona 20 years ago, Russell has designed, created and fabricated one of a kind, site specific sculptures, answering complex design criteria for unique applications and spaces.  From material selection and unique sculpting fabrication, his pieces explore the optimal qualities of their components, transforming each into a natural, contemporary elegance that is both dynamic and striking. Light in an important element in the design process of  his works. His water features are engineered to provide a very tranquil, individualized sound, allowing one to sit near the water features and just enjoy.  Russell engineers water, one sculpture at a time.

His recent installation of a sculpture for the City of Chandler received national acclaim by Rocco Landesmann, National Chairman for the Endowment of the Arts on his visit in 2012.  Russell’s ability to interpret a vision/direction for an arena is unsurpassed.  His “answer” is always a one of a kind, all encompassing, integrative sculpture that is alluring, iconic and uniquely elegantly interpretive. Arizona Avenue exhibits six of Russell’s unique sculptures….

Russell’s sculptures have been featured in many national publications.  He was awarded the designation of  ‘MASTER OF THE SOUTHWEST”, and received the #1 designation from RANKING ARIZONA for three years in a row in an outdoor design improvement category. He has been featured in numerous publications in Arizona, California and Canada and received awards for his designs.

Russell’s sculptures are included in many private collections as well as corporate installations in the United States and Canada. His sculptures have been exhibited in several Galleries both in the Southwest as well as Canada.

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