Paul Henry Artist - Painting

What makes Wild Holly unique among all the galleries in Carefree is its eclectic range. All styles and mediums are represented here. There are lots of unique items for the casual visitor or serious collector and each piece tells a story.

Wild Holly Gallery has a featured artist each month and openings when in season to display their work. The gallery also hosts visiting artists from all over the country.

When you visit Carefree Arizona, make sure you come in and explore! The diverse art you’ll find at Wild Holly Gallery will delight your senses and stir your soul.

Les Powers Art - Arches

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Paul Henry Artist - Painting

Paul Henry

It would come as a compliment to most artists to have their work compared to that of such luminaries as Jackson Pollack or LeRoy Neiman. New River painter Paul Henry has heard such accolades, but prefers to be compared to Paul Henry – thank you very much. 


Les Powers

Les has been working with wood his whole life and has found that sculpture gives him the freedom to convey his passion in creating art. Sculpting allows his spirit to be free and express the essence he sees in nature.

Les Powers Art - Harmond
Russell Marohnic Art - Desert Fauna View

Russell Marohnic

Russell Marohnic and his sculpture studio “ARTSCAPES”, creates the most sophisticated, contemporary art pieces. A well respected and recognized artist in the southwest, particularly Arizona, Russell is motivated by his passion, creative visions and a profound dedication to create sculptures that draw the viewer into interpretation and interaction.

Artists Showcase


Arthur Norby

Arthur Norby is an Arizona sculptor whose work has an extremely wide range. He’s a student of the human form that takes a classical approach to his work. He’s most known for his work in bronze and is best known for the Korean War Veterans Memorial at the Minnesota State Capital. He’s also known for his oil paintings.


Henry Kelly

Henry Kelly is a First Nations artist from Canada who makes a variety of pieces including bowls, masks, rattles, headdresses, paddles, bentwood boxes and more. Rooted in the Nisga’a and Tsimshian traditions of his people, his work is imbued with spirituality.


Alain Moulis

Alain Moulis is a Paris-born artist with a background in illustration and design. He works with acrylic on canvas and has a highly original style that he has perfected over his thirty years of creating art. His work celebrates life and the beauty of nature.


Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham is a Colorado painter who works in both contemporary western and abstract styles. His preferred mediums are oil and watercolor. His abstract paintings invite the viewer to create their own forms that seem to appear and disappear. His works have appeared in the Omni Building in New York and many private collections across the country.


Other Artists

Other artists whose work is featured at Wild Holly Gallery include:

  • Bryan Tubbs
  • Lucy Shwabb
  • John Zidek
  • RC Stay
  • Andrea Pope
  • Debora Wayne
  • Kathryn Wilson
  • Fred Warren
  • Kim Walker
  • Robert Wellingham
  • David Voisar
  • Maria Trapani, and more.


Wild Holly Gallery features over 95 artists from all over the country.