Visit Carefree Arizona

Visit Carefree Arizona

Carefree Arizona – Living on Easy Street


f you visit Carefree, Arizona, you might find it hard to go home just like Wild Holly Gallery owner Holly Pagliaro-Bergman did years ago. This small, scenic town has a way of sweeping people off their feet.

Set in the upper Sonoran desert with its mountain vistas and delicate flora and fauna, Carefree really lives up to its name. It’s a town of nearly 4,000 residents and its streets are named after the lifestyle they enjoy here – Tranquil Trail, Easy Street, Ho Hum Way, and more. A combination of Old Southwest charm and upscale living, the town’s motto is ‘Home of Cowboys and Caviar, Where the Old West Meets the New.’

The quintessential Carefree experience is a leisurely stroll down Easy Street, the town’s main drag. Carefree has a vibrant business district that’s pedestrian friendly and offers a wide range of dining and shopping opportunities. It boasts 15 restaurants and other attractions such as the Carefree Amphitheater, a giant Gila monster shaped slide, waterfalls, and works of art.

One of its local attractions is the Carefree sundial. Erected in 1959, it’s the Western hemisphere’s third largest sundial at 90 feet in diameter. Made with a steel frame and anodized copper, the gnomon points 35 feet into the air toward the North Star and extends 72 feet.

Another attraction is the Carefree Desert Gardens, a Sonoran Desert botanical garden that boasts such rare flora such as the crested saguaro and Boojum tree. It opened in November, 2011, and runs right alongside Easy Street.

For years, Carefree was the home of actor and stuntman Fred Graham’s Southwestern Studios. Hollywood stars would come here to film movies and television shows at its 160-acre state-of-the-art lot. The streets of Carefree made their fair share of film appearances too. Today, the studio has been torn down and developed as residential property.

The town of Carefree is tucked in the scenic foothills of the Carefree Mountains, just north of Phoenix and Scottsdale.